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Personalized Customization Wood Crate

Sep 30, 2017

Personalized Wood Crate with custom subjects and details. All items burned by myself with care! When requesting custom order, specify the number that corresponds to the available wood plaque you would like your image burned on.

When specifying the subject matter, please provide an attachment or link to the exact image you would like to be burned on the wood. Please consider the quality of the image attached due to quality detailing of the finished product. High quality images are best received. Unfortunately, a request may not be taken if the quality is too low to produce. I want you to have the best quality piece possible, and I would love to add the special little details involved in the photo.

General ideas for personalization include:

• portraits (including family/friends/pets)

• portraits with the addition of quotes

• quotes with detailed borders

• favorite images

• nature scenes

• landscapes

• etc.

We can also supply Essential Oil Box, fabric Storage Basket etc. Welcome!


I will completely accept a specifically typed font with the message you would like. You can screenshot this from a word document and attach it to the custom request form. If you would like this instead, I ask that you actually type out the message in the specific font you want on your computer and save it as an image and attach it. This is to get the exact look you want!

If requested, your piece will come with a special (custom if wanted) message tag dedicated to the loved one, friend, family member, etc. (Not Required) If wanted, please specify in the custom request form what the message tag will say.

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