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Oct 20, 2017

The first material from which the packaging was made was wood. The master`s wooden boxes were made of solid and fine wood.
The wood is surprisingly nice, warm and beautiful material. Each part of the wooden box is unique and unrepeatable.
We often make wooden boxes for business.
These can be wooden boxes for leather accessories, boxes for jewelry, for family photos, wedding photos.
We like to supply wooden packaging for our partners, because we understand that the products they put there will acquire a new value for them.
A wooden box can become a wonderful encasement for a beautiful gift for your friend. It can also be a gift for a partner, a girlfriend or a boyfriend.
Be generous – present your gifts boxed in a beautiful wooden package!A wooden box can look like an old one. Scratches and scrapes, made on purpose, create an impression of an ancient piece. Also, we can put any kind of images on the box. This can be the logo of your company or partner`s company.You can make an inscription anywhere in the box.We can make a box of any size that you need. As a bonus, we can fill the box with wooden shavings. It is very practical and nice looking.

You can order a box of any size.
The lid of the box is fixed with magnets
You can choose from any in our box collection

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